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Our resident monk has been catering to every spiritual needs of the community such as house blessings, business blessing ceremonies, special pujas and prayers for kids, marriage blessings, attending to the bed-sides of sick and dying people in their homes and hospital for spiritual solace and leading regular Tsok offering gatherings and other religious ceremonies at the Center.


In a nutshell, the Nechung Center has, over the time, become a hub of spiritual and cultural activities for the entire community.


To schedule an appointment for a puja, blessing, or any other spiritual service, please contact Nechung Buddhist Center at

(510) 233-9787. 


Your Contribution


For NBC, the purchase of a property is like building a monastery in India and Tibet. Your contribution to this project will help to flourish the Dharma, will touch many people’s lives and will go s long way and will eventually benefit all beings. It is like putting an exhaustible seed of merit that will bring fruits all the time. Resources are valuable donations, too. We know that the more people thinking about meeting this goal, the quicker it will manifest.  If you see a place for sale that might work for us, do let us know!


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Financial Hopes and Plans

The type of property that we are looking will cost approx $600-$800k in the Bay Area.


Donors of over $ 500.00 will receive a statue of Buddha as a token of appreciation. The Statue is consecrated by the State Oracle during the Trance. 

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